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let's talk about mental illness

this is a space to discuss the stigma mentally ill people face (particularly those with psychosis/schizospectrum disorders, PDs, bipolar disorder, and others often shut out of the usual discourse on illness); to provide resources for mentally ill people; and other things related to mental illness.

if you have accessibility issues or any things you need tagged, feel free to send an ask!

What to expect from a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder


I’m tired of those “How to Deal With a Borderline” articles. Here’s a real guide.

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End depression-centric “mental illness activism”

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if ur disability activism doesn’t include addicts and people who don’t take their meds and people who will never be able to be Productive Members of Society????

it’s useless tbh

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in case anyone’s wondering why you shouldn’t wear straight jackets for halloween:

  • straight jackets are symbols of the oppression of the mentally ill, they are the embodiment of centuries of violent ableism
  • when people were put into straight jackets they lost their autonomy and control over their own body which is a terrifying thing to experience and a loss of basic human rights
  • as someone who has been physically and chemically restrained, when i see someone wearing a straight jacket for halloween it says to me that you think the abuses that sane people have perpetuated against me and people like me are a costume you can put on for one night and then take off and go home and never have to think about what it does to a person to be have their most basic rights taken away
  • DON’T
  • DO IT

Friends don’t let friends wear anything asylum-related 2k14

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reminder that anti-psychotic ableist slurs (insane, crazy, mad, psycho, schizo, etc) are not your words to use if youre not psychotic stop using them god dammit

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shoutout to disabled people who can’t identify with the social model of disability, whose disabilities would still exist in a disabling matter regardless of societal viewpoint 

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Okay now, say it with me everyone;




Health is not a moral imperative.

The state of a person’s health does not define their worth or their success.

Being unhealthy is not an invitation for judgment or ridicule.

Framing health as an achievement is not only misguided, it is actively harmful.

Basing your respect for a person on the state of their health is violence.

Disrespect is not violence. Violence is violence. Other than that, I agree.

Tell that to the shocking number of disabled people who are murdered and abused every day simply because they aren’t viewed as people, aren’t given the respect a human being deserves.  The attitude that disrespect is not, or can not, be violent is what leads doctors to medically neglect disabled patients, or even to encourage disabled patients to forego life saving procedures because disabled lives aren’t “worth it.”   Those might be extreme examples but they happen every single day.  And microagressions against the disabled are even more prevalent.   We need to change the attitude that it’s somehow okay to view someone, and treat them, as less than human.  Because that absolutely is violence. 

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if you feel like saying that thing is “crazy,”


i totally get it, but instead, why don’t you try

  • astounding
  • wild
  • bananas
  • bonkers
  • bizarre
  • ridonkulous
  • miraculous
  • unbelievable
  • incredible
  • far out
  • out of this world

they’re great words and nobody’s feelings will get hurt!

unless you are actually a banana and then i guess i’m sorry

"bonkers" is essentially an equivalent to cr*zy though. it’s just like "mad" or "nuts".

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Protect disabled girls at all costs

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i actually think p often on this website “romanticizing mental illness” is a phrase thrown out to silence neurodivergent teens talking about their experiences

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